Maghdalena Liilieth… What a wonderful, serene energy she carries. My attention was always drawn to the way she was present.

Her special appearance. She embodies the art of admission in all its aspects.

I am so very comfortable with her, feel so seen, that I immediately said yes when I heard that she would organize a cycle of healing sweat lodge ceremonies for women.

She can see without looking, she can hear words without speaking… She Knows 

She is a very special woman that I warm heartily recommend to every other woman.

Dear Maghdalena, you are the embodiment of what I experience as Close to Nature

Safe, loving, warm, complete, full, worn, cherished, seen, touched, surrendered … These are the words that fit me for her shamanic work.

Very valuable and inspiring to me.and  I can really recommed her.

She is someone who guides in a beautiful way. Creating like no other a very nice, warm, safe bedding in which your processes can have the space in contact with all elements! 

Last year in October I decided to join the annual group lead by Maghdalena. I am so happy that I made this decision. What a trip it was! Yesterday on Liberation Day we danced our last liberating day together! I feel deeply grateful for what I was able to experienced, received and could let go.

Time and time again it was magical how seamlessly my process fitted in what Maghdalena offered. The bedding she creates made it possible for me to step in completely. What a gifts she brings!

So intensely grateful also for the connection I felt. It has supported me so much. A new flow has opened up.

I have found keys that have opened new portals and it also opened the connection with my ancestors. To discover that gives me enormous strength, support and deep faith in life.

I can feel my place in the whole.

So grateful dear Maghdalena for your big love, wisdom, clear intuition and seamless attunement in what you bring.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my being, my heart as a woman for the massages and shamanic healing sessions i received from you in the past year. It is because this combination that I have been able to surrender and progressed so much further in the deepening to myself. The safety given into this massage, your wisdom as a shaman, your unconditional love is a great gift.

I felt that my little vulnerable girl; that girl who wanted to be seen and cherished really needed some attention. I also knew immediately that I wanted to receive a massage from Maghdalena.

The combination of soft, loving caresses in full presence where every millimeter of my body and soul was seen and touched with the shamanic healing through sound, singing, sound, made me able to relax completely, let everything be and completely sink into my femininity, my gentleness and vulnerability. The complete loving presence of she makes surrender possible … how beautiful !!!

We have embarked on a wonderful, intimate process together and I can recommend it to any woman who feels that she can be seen and touched in everything, in all her rawness, nudity, vulnerability, those who want to enter into a process of deep connection with BEING or restore …

Maghdalena and Infiniii… I met them at a group meeting and was quickly touched by the light, the love and purity they possessed and onveyed. I asked if they could and wanted to help me heal and I felt very welcome. I had two sessions, both allowed me to have experiences similar to the ones I had at Ayahuasca travels experienced. I underwent another, what I term “energetic remnant” of one of my childbirth, now that there was a loving bed for it. I experienced that I – with closing for my mother at a very young age – had also closed to the universal feminine unconditional love. And also I encountered and fulfilled an unfulfilled sucking need. That the sustained tension on my jaws to such an extent that I no longer standard with a need some sleep. The experiences have opened something up in me, broken a threshold. When I drove to them the second time, it crossed my mind that I was cleaning with them bij unconditional motherly love. In this I felt safe and cherished in a loving bed so that I could completely open up and surrender to what was allowed originate. The purity, love and light in combination with lived knowledge and experience that they both have makes Liilieth Maghdalena and Infiniii a golden team that can make a valuable contribution to the healing of those who feel called.