Eternal Shamanism

Guiding you back to your Living Essence

You are longing for a more connected and therefor meaningful life, where you feel embedded in your body and relationships. You are willing to get to know yourself on a deeper level than you could reach till now .

You know that you are more than just “this” and you like to be guided into a spiritual life . Or you have already a lot of expirience in personal development, tantra, yoga, psychology and you would love to get some more support to reach your next level(s)

Or maybe you struggle with health issues like chronic (unexpained) pain , exhaustion, migraines, depression, anxiety or  fibromyalgia, endometriosis, multiple sclerosis or any other disease and you are looking for another approach and suppport than you already tried to heal yourself.

Or you are looking for somebody expirenced in women’s health, intimicy, sexuality and the dynamic bewteen partners ,somebody who can stand next to you for a while, to talk to and gain knowledge from during pregnancy,post partum ,as a young mother or when you are going through menopause.

Somebody, a Wise woman ,who can offer you individual healing sessions and support into a stronger, more powerful yet soft homecoming in your own body and life.  

The goal of Shamanism is to alter our state of consciousness so we are open enough to connect with spiritual dimensions. It is also about interacting with these dimensions and being able to channel the subtle energies into daily consciousness so we can embody this into our lives.
Sacred sound has always been part of transpersonal shamanic consciousness processes. Mantras are also a powerful means of communicating with the invisible world of the mind. And they are used to facilitate the movement of consciousness between the different dimensions.
Dance is like many other shamanic practices a fantastic way to connect ourselves more with our bodies. It is the fastest way to focus less on our thinking and to arrive in the NOW.

Maghdalena is a worldwide aknowledged shaman and spiritual healer/teacher. She guided thousands of people through ceremonies and initiations.

As a danceteacher I connect my expertise from Biodanza, Medicine Dance, contact improvisation, tantra and shamaninism.   
I very much enjoy to work with groups
but you can also connect with me for individual Medicine Dance sessions, where you will receive a tailor-made two-hour dance ritual.
You will work with a theme specific to your own situation. I will create the ritual for you and energetically guide you through it.

The themes with which you can enter into this ritual can be on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Consider confrontations with death and illness, sexuality issues, loss of work, relationships, replacing old patterns with new ones, ancestral anchoring and/or letting go.

Next to dance Maghdalena have over more than 40 years experience of serving many shamanic rituals and ceremonies, like trancetravelling, soul retrieval ,sweatlodge and vison quests, ancestral clearing and shamanic energy healing  methods
to Guide you back to your Living essence

As a shaman and spiritual healer/teacher she guided thousands of people through ceremonies and initiations.
Practicing yoga, meditation and the art of shamanic healing since she was a young girl. Healing frequencies are the most powerful medicine she is connected to and she is able to connect deeply with physical, emotional and spiritual realms for clearing and initiate healing.
She offers Infinite Awareness living meditation and Yin embodiment sessions with loving attention for every individual process (meditation, yoga, ancestral clearings and spiritual teachings)
available for online and live guidence & healingsessions.

indepth lectures and workshops on location Honouring my teachers

I am extremly grateful for all lessons i received from the many very aknowledgeable teachers i met during my life.
Some teachings i received over years of live transmissions, others through spiritual energy transmissions. With deep gratitute and utmost care will i carry on what is appropriate in the
tradition i was trained and raised in, knowing that learning never ends

Offerings on request
~Infinite Awareness Living (meditation and coaching )
~Spiritual Birth and Death process support (Doula)
~Shamanic Energyhealing & Clearing energyfields humans, animals and spaces like houses, schools, hospital areas of densities and unwanted entities
~Sweatlodge Ceremonies & Vision Quest , Soulretrieval, Trance Travelling
~Medicine plant rituals, creator of elixers and tinctures for healing and support, initiations and closing rituals

~Feminine Yin embodiment sessions for transformation and healing traject (Coaching & Soft Touch Gaia method Belly Breasts Pelvic and Yoni massages and soft touch dearmouring Initiations Yonisteam & yoni egg practices, yonisteam initiation,

~Rebozo Closing the Bones Ritual 

~Womencircles, red tent and new moon rituals 
Blessing rituals for integration of Body ,Soul and Spirit and Wombblessing Munay Ki 13 rite )​Welcome

She is gifted and high sensitive ( clairsentient, -seeing, -hearing ) and able to connect easy, quick and deep with physical, emotional and spiritual realms and is a creator of powerful healing tinctures.
She is available for individual sessions, lectures and workshops on location worldwide

and she is also available for online longdistance guidance & healings for humans of all ages and animals in need of assistance.

She is a qualified biodanza teacher with the following specializations:

Mental Health,classes for people with trauma-related complaints, psychosomatics and social inclusion
The Profound Male and Female Identity
Identity and Self-esteem
The Tree of Desires
The Poetry of Instinct – The 4 animals and the 4 elements (A. Sarpe)
Speaking in Biodanza (H.J. Levy-Benseft)
Afro-Brazilian gods and goddesses (A.Sarpe)
She is also experienced in: 
Biodanza and Massage
the Minotaurus project

In June 2018 I started the training for Didactic Teachers to train other Biodanza teachers..

Profound Shamanic Healing

I work intuitively during the sessions 

In a preliminary interview, we determine the subject you want to work on. We look for the background and your specific  wishes and will  “listen” to what resonates in the silence between your words.

I work with personal Spirit guides and power animals

during a process of transformation and healing, through voice healing, phonophoresis (Planetary tuning forks), aura reading and healing, stones, herbs, plants and trees, landscape and ancestral work.

Serving Individual and group sessions with plant medicines, elixirs and tinctures.

I work on on location to clean houses and spaces from unwanted energies

and serve powerful longdistance healing worldwide.

During the sessions I work in many dimensions and energy fields, so you may find renewed harmony and balance The work is not done by me, there is always a giver, a receiver and the Divine Infinite needed for change and healing. I just open and create the space within this can happen.