​Dance is a fantastic way to connect ourselves more with our body. It is the fastest way to be less in our thinking and to land in the NOW.
Dance is a medicine that supports us in many ways, in structure and in free form.

The integration of the pelvis, heart and head by surrendering to the natural movements of our body. This integration affects our sensuality, sexuality (pelvis) and our affectivity (heart), making our thinking more relaxed.

As a dance teacher I bring  my experience from Biodanza, Contact Improvisation, tantra and shamanicism.
I like to work with groups, but I also give individual Medicine dance, where you get a tailor-made dance ritual of 2 hours. Here you work with a specific theme for you. I make the ritual for you and guide you through it.

I am a qualified biodanza teacher with the following specializations:
Mental Health, for people with trauma-related complaints, psychosomatics and social inclusion
The Profound Male and Female Identity
Identity and Self-esteem
The Tree of Desires
The poetry of Instinct – The 4 animals and the 4 elements (A. Sarpe)
Speaking in Biodanza (H.J. Levy-Benseft)
Afro-Brazilian gods and goddesses (A.Sarpe)

I’am also experienced in: 
Biodanza and massage
the Minotaurus project

In June 2018 I started the training for Didactic Teachers to train other Biodanza teachers.