​Ceremony and Ritual

Practicing and supervising various Shamanic ceremonial work and rituals.

As healing sweatlodge ceremonies, trance journeys, medicine walk and medicine dance, soul retrieval, working with sacred plants, Pipe ceremony, rites the passage, Vison Quest  drum circle and fire ceremonies.

I was also trained in working with phonophoresis and I had many years of training in working with voice healing.

I also give sessions Concious Bdsm and healing flow bondage, where I work shamanically to restore and / or deepen the connection between the body and the soul

Some explanation about some of the techniques.

Trance Journey

Trance traveling is a shamanic technique whereby the traveler travels through time and space to parts that are outside our daily consciousness. Through monotonous sound from the voice, the drum or a rattle, but also through dance, the traveler can find answers to questions, gain insights about illness and healing, make contacts with powerful animals or ancestors and other helpers.

Under my guidance you can do a journey yourself, but it is also possible that I will make a trip for you.

Soul Retrieval.

Within shamanism we know a state of being which is called Soul Loss. It concerns being out of balance due to loss or dissociation of soul parts. Parts of the soul can split off through pain and trauma.

How do you know if you are dealing with Soul Loss?

You feel that you are missing something, but you don’t know what and as a result you keep looking for the missing piece in your life.

Or you have the feeling that your life passes you by and you have little or no influence. You are constantly looking, in relationships, work or addictions, for what can fill the void.

Soul Retrieval is a powerful shamanic healing technique, in which contact is made in trance with the lost soul part. During the journey connection is sought and where possible the life essence that was split off can be brought back and integrated with the soul.

After the Soul Retrieval, aftercare for the returned soul part is of great importance, so that the integration can proceed smoothly.

Medicine walk.

Different cultures have rituals and traditions that work with the educational, therapeutic and spiritual forces that are released when one stays alone in nature for a while.

The medicine walk is often part of a research process.

Who am I? What do I have to learn?

It can help you to tune in and prepare yourself for a ceremony such as the sweat lodge or the vision quest, but the medicine walk can certainly stand on its own.

Investigate what your relationship with nature has to tell you, learn to listen to your instincts again and increase self-confidence by facing your fears that keep you from living fully.

Letting go of time and purpose can help you to fully focus on the moment of Being, every moment again. This can create space for new insights about yourself, the people around you and the world in which you live.

Medicine dance.

During a 2-hour dance ritual, you explore your own body and soul for answers to a specific question or theme. The dancing will take you to the medicine, which can be of a physical, but also of a spiritual nature. During this ritual you will be blindfolded and I will guide you.

Voice healing.

The human voice is incredibly versatile and mothers have been singing for as long as children are born for them, to calm them down, to ease pain or to convey their love.

There is a direct connection between our soul and our voice. The vibrations and frequencies penetrate all our cells, because our body consists largely of water. The studies of Masuru Emoto have shown that water responds to thoughts,sounds and intentions, so we can use our voice to give positive impulses for healing.

Through voice healing, we can detect and transform unprocessed emotions and physical complaints that form blockages in our system.

I use various techniques, which have proven to be very powerful.

I have received training from Orna Ralston for many years, I have attended all of her workshops and for the last 3 years I have been a student in her “Ruach training”, where I have created access to the powers of the female Holy Spirit. The use of age-old, highly energetically charged prayers is a major source of power.

I have also done various trainings, as a participant and assistant, in the method “Soul Voice” (developed by Karina Schelde)