Deep Integration LightBodywork & soft touch dearmouring
                                                           opens the gateway to your heart and soul 

I work therapeutically with women and couples in the field of intimacy.
Shamanic Holistic Light Bodywork known as the “yoga of touch”. The roots have a broad bed. You will recieve a session where trust, surrendering & letting go and can open new Pathways to connect with your purpose.
A soft nourishing form with breath- and touch techniques which can induce a meditative state.
The body & soul will be touched at deep levels. This allows you to listen to your actual needs, without acting in the moment.
The fluidity of the touch gives you the opportunity to experience everything that subtile will arise in order to integrate this with your instinctive and Infinite energies.
In complete safety and with undivided attention align with your body and soul.
Respectfull, nourishing and  feeling recieved so that profound healing is possible.
During the session there is a lot of physical contact consisting slow strokes interspersed with short frictions, kneading, pressure, pulsing and stroking. I work in various energy fields and flows in and around the body. There is plenty of room for everything that wants to open in you. Resistance, shyness, fear, sadness, feelings of shame, and pleasure, enjoyment, and rediscovered power what will confirmate your existence.
I support you physically, emotionally and spiritually to come back to inner peace and surrender to the proces so that you can relax, let go and restore and strengthen the connection with yourself and the Divine Infinite.
The session is an opportunity to open in safety and relax in the feminine essence.
Gaining the experience that nothing has to be done to come back in this receptive Yin power.
This can serve profound transformation. 
Perhaps unnecessarily, but I want to mention another time again that these sessions have no sexual intentions or actions.

Soft Touch Body dearmouring
During these sessions I will serve and support the body with great respect to support stuck energy to become accessible again.
The result will be that we gain more energy and support and letting go of old patterns. I work in a gentle way, with  Light, touch, breath ,Sound and pressure points. During these sessions also exercises for Psoas Release and TRE and EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques.

This way of working is supportive to your system on many levels and it integrates very well with my shamanic approach
Usually are Multiple sessions (3-5) needed to experience profound changes, but the first session will take you to places that you had no or difficult access to.

Maternity massage
I provide gentle pregnancy massages with a lot of love and attention, where i have contact and care for you as a mother and make in-depth contact with the baby in your womb.

My work does not include any sexual intent or actions.